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Physical Education and Sports Science

  • B P Ed (Integrated) 4 Years Degree Course

I Year
Code Course Title
Part A Theory
BPESS-101 English
BPESS-102 Introduction to Education and Physical Education
BPESS-103 Anatomy & First Aid
BPESS-104 Introduction to Social Science
BPESS-105 Fundamentals of Computer and Information Technology
Part-B Practical
BPESS-106 Track & Field
BPESS-107 Football
BPESS-108 Volleyball
BPESS-109 Weight Lifting and Related Exercise
BPESS-110 Light Apparatus
BPESS-111 Kho-Kho and Kabaddi
BPESS-112 Swimming

II Year
Code Course Title
PART-A Theory
BPESS-201 Environmental Studies
BPESS-202 Educational Psychology
BPESS-203 Physiology
BPESS-204 Kinesiology
BPESS-205 Methods in Physical Education
PART-B Practical
BPESS-206 Badminton
BPESS-207 Hockey
BPESS-208 Basketball
BPESS-209 Yoga
BPESS-210 Table Tennis

III Year
Code Course Title
Part A Theory
BPESS-301 Professional Preparation.
BPESS-302 Health Education
BPESS-303 Adapted Physical Education
BPESS-304 Recreation
BPESS-305 Educational Technology
PART-B (Practical)
BPESS-306 Indigenous Games
BPESS-307 Cricket
BPESS-308 Handball
BPESS-309 Gymnastic
BPESS-310 Tennis
PART-C (Teaching Practice) Activity Teaching
BPESS-311 Teaching Lesson

IV Year
Code Course Title
Part A Theory
BPESS-401 Introduction to Corrective and Rehabilitation
in Physical Education
BPESS-402 Management of Physical Education
and Sports
BPESS-403 Tests, Measurement & Evaluation
BPESS-404 Science of Sports Training
BPESS-405 Fitness Management
PART-B (Teaching Practice)Activity Teaching
BPESS-406 Teaching Lesson
PART-C (Sports Specialization)
BPESS-407 Theory (Sports Specialization)
BPESS-408 Practical (Skill Proficiency)
BPESS-409 Coaching Lesson
BPESS-410 Gym./Health Club Management
BPESS-411 Fitness and Aerobic
BPESS-410 Adventure Sports (any one)
BPESS-411 Sports Journalism
BPESS-412 Sports Physiotherapy
BPESS-413 Sports Organization (District/State/National/International)
BPESS-414 Sports Management
BPESS-415 Teaching Physical Education in School
BPESS-416 Sports Engineering
(Designing and Development of Infrastructure)